About Us

The Tea and You Company is an indulgent African Tea and Teatime accessory retailer based in Lagos, Nigeria. Using tea sourced in Africa, we create luxurious tea blends steeped in the cultural diversity and rich flavours of the continent.

Our Story

The idea for Tea and You was conceived in a moment of mutual admiration, need and desire. The founders – unapologetic tea aficionados - were in search of an individual brand of tea that reflected and respected the culture, diversity and history of tea in their continent, Africa. Unfortunately, their search returned void. Through their disappointments, they envisioned a brand of African blended teas that showcased the unique cultural heritage of the origin of each tea, and the herbs and spices used to create each blend.

In 2017, the Tea and You Company was officially incorporated, and the journey to creating a new narrative for African teas, herbs, and spices began. In this journey, they have discovered new teas that are only indigenous to the continent, and have given new expression to old teas, through an infusion of the right herbs and spices.

Each blend is aptly named after a city in Africa, where the majority of the Tea ingredients is found. An ode to the region, but beyond that, an opportunity to bring to light the stories of the people who make our blends possible.

At the Tea and You Company, we aim to pioneer African flavors through the creation of our own unique blends. Each blend demonstrates the attention to detail that accompanies a strive for distinctiveness, and each detail is entwined to capture the cultural experience of tea in Africa. In essence, to consume a cup of Tea and You, is to indulge in the richness, uniqueness and rarity that abounds in Africa.

The first blends of Tea and You became available for purchase in December 2018. We have found a lot of joy in creating this brand, and we hope that you find as much joy in consuming our products!