The One about Chai Lattes!

The One about Chai Lattes!

Over here, we are huge fans of spiced black teas (colloquially called Chai), and when we created our Dodoma blend, we were intentional about simplifying the process of brewing an authentic cup of chai.

The secret to a great cup of chai is the spice mixture, and we have done the grunt work and created a chai blend inspired by the traditional Tanzanian method of brewing chai. The blend contains a warming fusion of loose-leaf black tea, and real spices: whole black and white peppercorns, broken cinnamon sticks, cracked cardamom pods, dried ginger, cloves and nutmeg - all the ingredients required for an authentic, yet convenient cup of chai.

We have put together a home-made chai-latte recipe that results in a warm, spicy, creamy, and slightly sweetened cup of goodness. A latte so good that you completely skip the tea/coffee shop options, and the chai powdered version.

P.S. The wonderful thing about this homemade chai latte recipe is that you have complete control over the milk and sweetener options, and creamy/sweetness levels of your latte. If you want to play around with some of the quantities/milk/sweetener options in our ingredients, give it a go a few times, and in no time, you should find the right milk/water/sweetness consistency that suits you best. The most powerful thing is the authenticity of our Dodoma blend.

Products Featured:

  • Dodoma Chai Tea blend
  • Nile Measuring Spoon
  • Namib Strainer
Serves: 2
  • Two Nile spoonfuls of Dodoma chai tea blend
  • Two cups of your milk of choice. We usually use dairy or Almond milk options for our lattes, but feel free to experiment with any nut-based milk of choice. 
  • One cup of water
  • Maple syrup
  1. In a pan, bring one cup of water to boil with Dodoma and let steep for about eight to ten minutes.
  2. Add in two cups of milk and allow to simmer in the pan (three to five minutes)
  3. Sweeten with maple syrup - for this quantity, will usually use two tablespoons of maple syrup. But you can add more or less, based on your sweetness preference. 
  4. Strain and serve - You can strain strain the latte right into your mug, using our Namib strainer.
Some notes
  1. Milk vs. Water - We usually prefer a ratio of 1:2 for water and milk. However, if you prefer a richer chai latte, you can use three cups of milk, and exclude the water. Essentially, follow all the steps above, except steps 1 and 2 would be merged together, and Dodoma will be simmered directly in the milk.
  2. Milk and sweetener options: Feel free to use whatever milk option you prefer (dairy vs. non dairy), and whatever sweetener option too (sugar, honey, agave).

The whole idea is this recipe is supposed to be comforting, so make sure to personalize the ingredients in the way that brings you the most comfort!

Till next time,


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