The First One!

The First One!

Hello :) Welcome to the Tea & You Blog!

If you have already read our About page, then you know what exactly it is that we are about. If you haven't, then you suck! No we are totally kidding, but you should read it, here (About Us).

The journey of Tea & You started many years ago. We (T&U) started off as complete strangers (from Africa - Nigeria and Kenya, specifically) who moved into the same basement apartment in a small town in British Columbia, Canada. On the surface, we were polar opposites; one, introverted and taciturn, and the other, extroverted and loquacious. Over the course of our first week together, we learned how very similar we were; lurking beneath the surface were so many similarities, two of which being our mutual love of tea and the admiration for our continent, Africa.

When we decided to start this company, one of the very first decisions we made (even before we settled on a name) was to infuse the African identity into the company. Beyond retailing tea grown only on African soil, we wanted the African identity to have an overpowering influence on our company. So, we decided to name our blends after cities/town in Africa, and our Tea Wares after landscapes of the continent - including deserts, rivers and mountains. Keeping to our African theme, our tea photos are also reflective of the map of the country which the tea is named for.

Overkill? We don’t think so. We believe that you can never have too much knowledge, especially about a continent as diverse, beautiful, mysterious and misunderstood as Africa. We intend to use this blog to enlighten and educate in an unorthodox and nourishing manner. Even if you don't purchase anything (we really hope this is not the case), you will leave our website a little bit more informed (consciously or unconsciously).

Our mission is simple - To bring to you the highest quality tea that will transport you through the African landscape.

We have so much to share with you, so we will use this blog as a journal of sorts. We will share everything with you - ranging from tea history, science and culture in Africa, recipes,tea wares, and random tidbits about tea and the people who make our blends possible.

Through this journey, we too are learning so much about this eclectic beverage and wonderful continent that we love so much. So please join us as we navigate our way through this scarcely uncharted terrain. You are learning, we are learning, all while drinking the perfect brew.

Just so you know, The best day starts with Tea and You!


Till next time,


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